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For collectors

We solve the different issues a collector may encounter when navigating the art system.

Here we share a few of these problems and the reason why we can help you solve them.

Lack of experience and knowledge

Collectors, especially newcomers, may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available and may struggle to navigate the art market. The lack of information and transparency makes them vulnerable when making decisions. We will curate a selection of pieces based on the collector's interests and ensure they are informed throughout the process of acquiring new pieces, protecting their investment.


Lack of contacts

They may struggle to connect with galleries, artists, and other collectors, limiting their access to relevant works for their collection, as well as networking opportunities. Maintaining relationships with different players in the art world directly influences the collector's reputation. We will put you in touch to ensure you're on the radar.


Challenges to diversify the collection

Sticking to the same artists all the time poses a challenge for collectors when they want to expand their collection, so finding new artworks that complement their existing style is of great importance. We will take you to explore new territories in art to enrich your collection.


Collection maintenance and management

Managing and maintaining a collection, including conservation, storage, and proper documentation of the artworks, is a lengthy and tedious task, as it requires great attention to detail to ensure their value. We will ensure that you have all the corresponding documentation as well as insurance, certificates, and provenance, so that you encounter no issues in future transactions or situations.


Authenticity and valuation

As a collection grows in value and quantity, concerns about the authenticity and accurate valuation of artworks may arise. Our experts will assist you in ensuring that each piece is authentic and properly valued and appraised.

You need a manager in the art world that can solve all your problems. We can be that person.

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