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Why invest in emerging artists?

It is often thought that the art market and collecting are only part of a very specific group in society. While it is true that art is a luxury item on some occasions, it is also true that there are different segments in the market and different ways to participate in it. 

Jordi Alós signing some of his pieces for his first Solo Show in Europe, Machangos: a solo by Jordi Alós, at Vroom & Varossieau, May - July 2023.

Those interested in art may think that their only option to consume it is by visiting exhibitions in museums as passive spectators, not even in galleries as they can be a bit intimidating. But in fact, this is not their only option. It is often thought that one can only buy "good art" at high prices, regardless of the currency, but the truth is that it is not so. "Good art" as such does not exist, and it is not necessary to have large sums of money to buy or invest in art.

We won't deny that you need to set aside a percentage that goes beyond everyday expenses to be able to spend it on something "unnecessary," in quotes, such as art. But it doesn't have to be a large budget: you can invest in artists who are starting their careers, whose work, for that reason, will be somewhat more accessible than that of established artists. Buying from these artists supports them in their careers and helps them achieve their goals as artists.

Mauricio de la Parra, La Raíz de la Memoria, 2019.

When one waits to have enough money to invest in an artist whose career is already successful and well-positioned in the market, one is not paying for the art, but rather paying to be sure that the work is worth something. This is very valid. Dave Hickey said it a long time ago. Hickey stated that a serious collector would take the risk of acquiring a work by an emerging artist because, at that moment, by buying the work, they are already increasing its value. If the collector waited for the artist to receive more positive reviews about their work, it would cost them more than if they had bought it initially. The price they would be paying is no longer for the artwork but for assurance, and security is even more expensive.

So, whether you are a serious collector, or someone that is just starting out, or even an art lover who no longer wants to see works only within a museum, I invite you to invest in emerging artists. In the end, it's a win-win – we invest our money in something enjoyable and support the artist's career.

Here is a list of emerging artists that I can't stop keeping an eye on:

  • Jordi Alós

  • Hilda Palafox

  • Mauricio de la Parra

  • Fernanda Torres

  • Ximena Astudillo Delgado

  • Ore Adesina

And many others... remember that there are many more artists out there seeking our support.

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