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Relationships should be established

Thoughts on the contemporary art market in Latin America.

I would like to start by highlighting the importance of the constant investigation related to the analysis of the contemporary art markets. In this context, I propose to address a topic of critical relevance: the cultural exclusion Latin Americans often face in the European and American markets. 

It is imperative to acknowledge that, despite the economic differences worldwide, we have factors we can capitalize on. Among them cultural, educational aspects stand out, together with the capacity to launch ideas in our own local markets. These elements, properly used, will allow us to build confidence to develop our own highly competitive market on a global scale. By promoting development strategies among key partners, institutions, art enthusiasts and artists we can create a network of contact powerful enough to encourage teamwork that leads to even greater results. 

To reach this goal, it is extremely important to position our artists and manage a range of prices that reflect our reality. In addition, it is essential to actively promote the development of softwares and individual platforms. This chain of actions builds a fissile project as long as we trust in our capabilities and embrace the opportunities that may come our way in the latin american markets. 

It is fundamental to learn from the example of major economies that work with the available resources to stand out and improve constantly. We must insist on encouraging educational programs and acknowledging the importance of our roots, since these constitute the essential foundations that will allow us to achieve a viable future.

The continuous process of building culture, markets that appreciate beauty and authenticity involves preserving and learning the good things from experiences passed down from generation to generation. This will enable us to create an increasingly cultured community.

Santiago Cardona Muñoz by Maria Clara (@mariaclaradaros)

I would like to extend an emphatic invitation to continue working in this direction. As many have pointed out, it is not an impossible task; We simply need to believe in our capabilities to generate more opportunities worldwide and counteract any form of exclusion in the global market, which may arise, often derived from a lack of understanding and the tendency to follow the prevailing currents without a solid foundation.


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